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Government role

Positive Impact and Game Evangelism

I am interested in helping promote a long term, large-scale evolution of game design with a focus on content that encourages critical thinking, diversity, creativity, and much more. Drawing initially from great games of the past and present, I believe that we can influence present and future game designers, as well as future game consumers, to recognize that great content can create positive individual and social change.... more »


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Great ideas

Games to increase understanding about emergent social systems

This proposal is to create one or more games to help people, particularly students, recognize and understand emergent, interdependent social systems. Such systems are an integral part of the creation and growth of human communities from families to cities and states. The games will enable multiple people with disparate, often conflicting goals work to build a community together. This will involve balancing their goals... more »


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Building from existing games


Courage is a persistent, distributable Collaborative Production Game focused on drawing yourself into real world challenges involving collaboration, production and personal goals. On the surface Courage explores our understanding of courage and culture.

The game’s (optional) Scottish theme could be mistaken for a narrow nationalism. However, the gameplay is not about nationalism - it sets out to promote appreciation... more »


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