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OSTP Sponsored Game-Based Learning Summit

The Game-Based Learning Summit is a 3-day event for gaming innovators, scholars, teachers, and students to experience serious gameplay, game development, and game-based learning.

Summit Structure

The summit features panel discussions from experts who will articulate the benefits of legitimate game-based curricula in K-16 classrooms. Seminars for teachers will include an introduction to game development, resources for... more »


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Getting kids interested in programming with Minecraft

Too many kids aren't interested in learning programming, and many existing programming resources can be difficult, dry, or at least uninspiring.

"Learn to Program with Minecraft Plugins" is a new book by Andy Hunt ( to try and engage avid Minecraft players and teach them the very basics of Java programming.

This hits couple of very necessary points (IMHO): the game environment is already... more »


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