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Neocolonialism ( is a Marxist strategy game in which you attempt to extract as much wealth from the world as possible. 1-6 players buy government votes, manipulate regional parliaments, enact free trade agreements, and ultimately attempt to siphon capital into their secret Swiss bank accounts. You will negotiate, you will betray, you will pillage the world and ruin everything.


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Energy Crisis - Civ style exploration on powering our future...

I'm really keen to make a large, open content, strategy title that explores the core issue of power, it's use and generation and the consequences of these. Games are the idea medium for this because they allow the player to take long and short term decisions and see how they play out. So do you invest in nuclear and risk an accident, in coal and create more CO2? One costs more up front the other less now but has knock-on... more »


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