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A Quest for the Interpersonal Skills needed for Social Success

Millions of youth and adults struggle every day with rejection caused by inappropriate interpersonal communication skills, many of them right here in the U.S.A. For many individuals the root problem is difficulty in understanding or using the nonverbal signs or signals (Dyssemia) that make up 93% of the communication that goes on between human beings.

Whether you want to call it lack of empathy, or a need of social-emotional... more »


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Assessing and Teaching Social-Emotional Skills through Games

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Many parents and educators have concerns about the potential negative effects of gaming on children’s social skills. But 3C Institute, a research and development company, is turning this idea on its head and developing evidence-based intelligent games designed to help children improve their social-emotional development.

3C Institute has created Zoo U Assessment, an evidence-based computer game that assesses social skills... more »


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