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We should encourage scholarship on the contextualized evaluation of serious games. Learning is complex, the mind racing to make patterns out of chaos. We need to understand the bigger context of what humans learn and retain from play. Most serious game evaluations myopically focus on objective progress toward discrete learning objectives, but scholarship on learning suggests the mind learns much more than what the designers... more »


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Share Research Results through Games

Videogames provide a promising way for sharing research results with adult audiences, thereby increasing the impact of knowledge Law of the Jungle is a free game developed at Harvey Mudd College that translates insights from the social science research on what it will take to protect tropical forests. Geared toward Grade 11 through adults See


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Venture Partner Connections Forum

Several readers have mentioned to me that there is no action follow-up. We're sharing ideas that have no place to go.

What we need is a forum -- a conference? a shark tank? -- that connects funders, ideators, content sources, outreach services and researchers. Content sources might be other state departments (parks, public health, human services... and of course education) along with non-profits. Outreach services... more »


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