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Species Photo Journal/LifeList

There is a fascination with being able to identify animals, flowers, trees, etc. Species identification can be fun, if approached as a photo journal/life list. Done as a game with scores and even social media postings, a series of games could be quite dynamic. Partnering Smithsonian, National Geographic, National Parks, the animal guides (Petersons, etc.), Sierra Club, Audubon Society, etc. would be required to ensure... more »


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Venture Partner Connections Forum

Several readers have mentioned to me that there is no action follow-up. We're sharing ideas that have no place to go.

What we need is a forum -- a conference? a shark tank? -- that connects funders, ideators, content sources, outreach services and researchers. Content sources might be other state departments (parks, public health, human services... and of course education) along with non-profits. Outreach services... more »


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