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Government role

Promotion of effective grant-funded games for health

There are a great deal of games for health that are effective, and were built with government grant money (e.g. NIH SBIR) but have not been discovered by their target audience.

SBIR does not allow the grant funds to be used for marketing purposes. Unlike medical devices and books, there is no clear marketplace for games like this.

My idea is for government to help estabish such a marketplace. I see it as a public/private... more »


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Great ideas

Venture Partner Connections Forum

Several readers have mentioned to me that there is no action follow-up. We're sharing ideas that have no place to go.

What we need is a forum -- a conference? a shark tank? -- that connects funders, ideators, content sources, outreach services and researchers. Content sources might be other state departments (parks, public health, human services... and of course education) along with non-profits. Outreach services... more »


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