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Kids 2GTHR (game for children with diabetes)

Worldwide we are faced with major social, medical and economical challenges surrounding diabetes. I would like to propose a new game/reward concept for kids with diabetes and their social environment. Kids 2GTHR helps increase quality of life for kids with diabetes, encourages them in their intensive treatment while at the same time reducing costs of diabetes treatment. Most importantly, Kids 2GTHR creates empathy for... more »


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Meister Cody - For Children with Dyscalculia and Math Weakness

Meister Cody - Test and Training Game for Children with Dyscalculia & Math Weakness.

Parents rarely notice early signs indicating their child is weak in math. However, a 2nd grade elementary school teacher spots them immediately. Here’s how. Give a 2nd grader two gummy bears. Then give him two more and ask „How many gummy bears do you have in your hand?“ A normal child will look up, think for a second, and say the answer... more »


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Verb Challenge Spanish

Verb Challenge Spanish is a verb conjugation puzzle for iOS. It helps students to master the conjugation of the 100 most common verbs in the 5 most used Spanish tenses. The game helps students to practice and improve their conjugation exclusively through its game mechanics leaving behind boring mechanical drills, flashcards and multiple choice exercises.




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