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Planning for long tail success and sustainability

While many of us gravitate to point solutions for our games, or focus on a single learning objective, I believe it is important to invest in and to support independent research about the games for impact environment as a whole.

Beyond specific game mechanics and individual problems to be solved, the way games are funded, deployed, and supported are systemic issues that are critical to the long term sustainable success... more »


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Game Simulation of Urban Youth Gangs

A serious game that simulates social, economic, public health and cultural dynamics of urban youth gangs in Chicago (where I live and work).

Designed for members and victims of gangs; and for social services, educational institutions and government agencies whose staff are professionally concerned with gang enterprise.

The simulation develops coping, survival and management skills; deepens vision, understanding and... more »


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A Simulation Games that teaches kids about US Economics

Make My USA Game

This game is reality-based social game where the players are in control of the United States' future. Each player has his own version of the United States to play with, and the player guides his country by making policy decisions.

Players select quests. Quest are centered around topic areas and current events. Quests are related to the area of focus that they select (like education, energy or health).... more »


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