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Collaboration between pupils and students FINKI University

Collaboration between pupils from different regions and students from IT University FINKI in Skopje, Macedonia.
Project aims is collaboration between pupils from different regions and students from IT University. Students will learn to be humane in their future lifestyle.Pupils will learn letters and signs for deaf, students will learn programming Kinect
Knowledge building, Student mentor-ship, shared responsibilities,... more »


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Building from existing games


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Courage is a persistent, distributable Collaborative Production Game focused on drawing yourself into real world challenges involving collaboration, production and personal goals. On the surface Courage explores our understanding of courage and culture.

The game’s (optional) Scottish theme could be mistaken for a narrow nationalism. However, the gameplay is not about nationalism - it sets out to promote appreciation... more »


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MYOPIA: An intergenerational collective action game series


Myopia is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game about time, choices, and consequences. Players assume roles of political, business, military, and civic leaders in a series of epochs taking place between 1900 and 2050, each centered about a social dilemma of the time — a greater good is possible when players work together, but often-conflicting incentives make cooperation and trust difficult. The impact of... more »


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