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Kids 2GTHR (game for children with diabetes)

Worldwide we are faced with major social, medical and economical challenges surrounding diabetes. I would like to propose a new game/reward concept for kids with diabetes and their social environment. Kids 2GTHR helps increase quality of life for kids with diabetes, encourages them in their intensive treatment while at the same time reducing costs of diabetes treatment. Most importantly, Kids 2GTHR creates empathy for... more »


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A Game for Children with Type 1 Diabetes

I am a type 1 diabetic and have had this condition for over 10 years now (diagnosed at 9 years old), and I have always loved video games since I was 5.
I am currently studying Computer Science in college, and in my last semester in one of my programming classes, my final project was to create a game with a serious meaning. What I created, is currently a simple prototype for a game (and by prototype I mean, just... more »


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Building from existing games


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Courage is a persistent, distributable Collaborative Production Game focused on drawing yourself into real world challenges involving collaboration, production and personal goals. On the surface Courage explores our understanding of courage and culture.

The game’s (optional) Scottish theme could be mistaken for a narrow nationalism. However, the gameplay is not about nationalism - it sets out to promote appreciation... more »


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