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Government role

Making Science Accessible

Increasingly the social and biological sciences are using agent based models / social simulations to understand the complex dynamics of systems and ecosystems of interacting learners. We should facilitate the "gamification" of these simulations as a standard scientific output for making the science more understandable outside of the laboratory. Agent-based models are already more intuitive since they are expressed in... more »


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Species Photo Journal/LifeList

There is a fascination with being able to identify animals, flowers, trees, etc. Species identification can be fun, if approached as a photo journal/life list. Done as a game with scores and even social media postings, a series of games could be quite dynamic. Partnering Smithsonian, National Geographic, National Parks, the animal guides (Petersons, etc.), Sierra Club, Audubon Society, etc. would be required to ensure... more »


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Great examples

Virtual Dissection & Biology Labs

Froguts Inc ( is a leading provider of biology and science simulations for K-12 & Higher Education. Our computer simulations of dissections and labs for K-12 and higher education engage students with immersive and interactive 3-D simulations of anatomy and physiology. We believe integrating virtual labs into schools and home use significantly enhances content retention. We are working to ensure more schools... more »


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