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Try the Poietic Generator?

The Poietic Generator is a 100% human "Game of Life" known as one of the historical works of digital art (1986). It has not yet become mainstream because it probably raised questions which were quite ahead of its time. But its time may have come?
The new version of the PG works on every mobile device and can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, language, culture and level of education. The living image made by... more »


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A Game About Making Games

Interest in STEM fields is declining among American youth. At the same time, the amount of time spent playing games and consuming media is increasing. The goal of this game is to engage students in STEM fields through game development.

There are many tools designed to meet the needs of teaching game development. Even the most basic game development tools require pre-requisite knowledge that is well beyond the skillset... more »


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Species Photo Journal/LifeList

There is a fascination with being able to identify animals, flowers, trees, etc. Species identification can be fun, if approached as a photo journal/life list. Done as a game with scores and even social media postings, a series of games could be quite dynamic. Partnering Smithsonian, National Geographic, National Parks, the animal guides (Petersons, etc.), Sierra Club, Audubon Society, etc. would be required to ensure... more »


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