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World of Wellness

A map with many different destinations and points of interest to explore all themed around health and holistic with elements of mind, body, and spiritual aspects to health. Can be explored as an individual or in groups.

Example of content could be a botanical plant symbol. You click on this and get educational content which could be multimedia about that particular plant and its health/healing properties. A Chinese Temple could be a destination site where you can participate in Tai Chi classes, learn about Chinese medicine and techniques such as acupuncture. There would be sites to gather and discuss with other explorers. Players advance in levels as they explore and learn more. There could be social networking options so you can aid or assist fellow travelers as you support them in their health goals (e.g. healing sponsors). Part of the enjoyment would be developing a community of support that players would feel part of. There could be events and contests of various sorts to keep players interested. Can be played on mobile as well as desktop devices. Could partner with a gaming company, a social networking company, or the government to develop.



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