Building from existing games

The Intergalactic Challenge of the Athlonauts

The Intergalactic Challenge of the Athlonauts is a series of motion capture interactive video games that serve as complete immersive physical therapy while simultaneously capturing quantitative data for continued treatment and research. This highly engaging, custom, Microsoft Kinect-based game system features original, unique play experiences within 3Dimmersive environments.

Studies show that athletic video games are the most successful type of video game utilized in pain treatment, allowing participants to tolerate their pain significantly longer in the play condition. (North American Journal of Psychology, 2011)


Patients playing Intergalactic Challenge of the Athlonauts become athletes participating in fantastical sporting events with a space travel theme. Each event is designed to provide a fun and exciting way to complete a therapy activity. Players’ accomplishments in the game are stored for later sessions, building an athletic career over time by progressing through levels of game play. Patients can achieve futuristic superpowers, boosting their confidence as they play and keeping them motivated through the finish.


The game is component of a treatment facility that includes interactive media tools for touch screen monitors for patient and family education and a therapy pod.



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