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Positive Impact and Game Evangelism

I am interested in helping promote a long term, large-scale evolution of game design with a focus on content that encourages critical thinking, diversity, creativity, and much more. Drawing initially from great games of the past and present, I believe that we can influence present and future game designers, as well as future game consumers, to recognize that great content can create positive individual and social change. We’ve learned from what were originally out-of-the-box games like SimCity, Civilization, Abe’s Oddysee, and many more, and today, indie developers are exploring deeper and deeper elements of the human condition. I’d like to see special recognition given to those games that take us beyond mere game mechanics and into more personal realms. Moreover, I’m advocating for an evangelism campaign to influence mainstream game companies to include easily attainable positive elements in even their most popular franchises – too many to list here. Doing so will benefit everyone – players, companies, and the game industry as a whole.


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