Government role

OSTP Sponsored Game-Based Learning Summit

The Game-Based Learning Summit is a 3-day event for gaming innovators, scholars, teachers, and students to experience serious gameplay, game development, and game-based learning.



Summit Structure


The summit features panel discussions from experts who will articulate the benefits of legitimate game-based curricula in K-16 classrooms. Seminars for teachers will include an introduction to game development, resources for design and software support, as well as interactive demonstrations of serious gaming in the classroom that will allow the participants to win specially designed OSTP digital badges ( Summit participants, including students and parents, will also have an opportunity to visit an exhibition featuring both analog and digital games submitted by serious gaming innovators. Teachers, students, and parents will be able to demo these games and ignite conversations about best practices in serious game design. Standout games could earn funding for further development based on positive feedback from participants.



Why the summit?


Despite its popularity among a selective group of scholars, game-based learning has not been embraced by many educators and parents. A summit sponsored by the OSTP will offer the visibility and legitimacy urgently needed for proliferation of game-based learning. Furthermore, it will lay the foundation for further research and development of game-based learning as a serious pedagogy by providing a dynamic and interactive environment for all stakeholders.



Potential Impact

1. Improved visibility for game-based learning

2. Curation of best practices in game-based learning

3. Connecting all levels of stakeholders

4. Targeted outreach to teachers and parents

5. Lots of fun for all participants!


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