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Kids 2GTHR (game for children with diabetes)

Worldwide we are faced with major social, medical and economical challenges surrounding diabetes. I would like to propose a new game/reward concept for kids with diabetes and their social environment. Kids 2GTHR helps increase quality of life for kids with diabetes, encourages them in their intensive treatment while at the same time reducing costs of diabetes treatment. Most importantly, Kids 2GTHR creates empathy for this condition and takes patients out of their social isolation.

In North America and Caribbean there are currently about 40 million patients with diabetes. In 2012 in USA alone, more than 471 billion USD were spent on healthcare for diabetes. Children and young adults are one of the most vulnerable groups of patients. They find it difficult to cope emotionally with their condition leading to social isolation and putting them at risk of devastating long-term complications.

Kids 2GTHR encourages and rewards involvement of patients and their peers in a fun and educational environment. Furthermore, it creates opportunities for major brands and organisations to make a positive contribution to the society in a visible and meaningful manner.


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