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Homelessness simulation

Teach what it means to be homeless, the many causes and challenges of homeless and teach empathy for people experiencing homelessness. Targeting students who are interested in careers in social work and the general public, this simulation would use a FPS perspective (First Person Survivor!) to show the various challenges faced by a person experiencing homeless. The player is walked through a series of quests that emulate the steps needed for a person to find permanent housing while avoiding various challenges, such as freezing temperatures, violence, bureaucracy, etc. For example, the first quest would be to obtain a valid ID. This is a serious challenge for the homeless who do not have the basic means. Sub quests are to obtain the $20 filing fee, get the necessary bus tickets, prove "residency", etc. On the path to fulfill the quests, the player meets with other homeless individuals and learns of their unique stories. Cut scenes show videos of true stories from people experiencing homelessness. The goal is to teach the player that homelessness is a "full-time job" with many challenges that the fortunate do not even consider. Another goal is to teach empathy for people experiencing homelessness and to help people realize that each individual deserves basic human empathy and respect.


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