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Grandmas Games

This project is a cultural journey of traditional symbols and authentic values with new teaching methods which develops a unique approach of the lifelong learning. The overall aim of the project is to recognize the meaning of a game as a great transfer knowledge tool and a form of personal development cycle of our kids. The difference we brought was that we use IT devices as a tool for learning while games as a working method.

Unfortunately nowadays we give physical games no meaning. Kids spend to many time in front of the computers Through this project, we not only give them a meaning but use and disseminate this knowledge and of course the technology is a key facilitator to this. We also believe this project to highlight the benefits of technology but in a different way where students not only learn but found the learning enthusiastic. The project brought “I can do that”- a spirit of the liveliness in all schools. Holistic approach while working with the K9 students at at all ages, all of this in correlation with the curricula. The project introduced new ways of learning which focused on “learning by doing” .

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