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Games where ideas collide (& create new ideas)

The HipBone / Sembl games are board games which directly encourage and practice creative thinking, focusing on the "creative leap" which perceives similarities between two ideas. They can be played in any context where conversation occurs, across disciplines or between experts in a particular field, by children, grad students or grandparents. Don Oldenburg of the Washington Post once called the HipBone Games an "on-line match of ricocheting intellects". They can be played for fun or for serious research and analytic purposes, solo, in pairs, or in groups, online or off…


Web-playable versions of the HipBone / Sembl family of games are currently under development -- a museum-specific beta version is now playable in the National Museum of Australia -- & actively seeking government and social entrepreneurial partners for varied applications in education, intelligence, psychotherapy, the arts, and conflict resolution.


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