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Games for a post-capitalist future

While plenty of initiatives have been deployed to encourage STEM education (often with an eye toward maintaining US military hegemony and training workforce on corporations' behalf) very few efforts have sought to tackle the lack of social imagination displayed by new generations.

The inability to imagine the end of capitalism, either by violent revolution or by diffuse societal disruption, is the main obstacle in addressing crucial issues such as structural inequality and environmental catastrophe.

Social impact games should first and foremost instill a profound distrust for authority while fostering the capacity for collective action and horizontal organization. Virtual worlds could be designed to train for consensus based decision making. Gamification experiments like Camover, the CCTV camera smashing competition that took place in Berlin, could bridge the virtual with the local communities. System thinking can be encouraged through simulations that deconstruct current systems of oppression and exploitation: political campaign games portraying the endemic corruption of the government, or management simulations revealing the contradictions and the brutality of free market economies from a holistic point of view.

Lastly, thoughtfully designed action and real time strategy games can help develop the tactical skills required by a large scale insurrection: from non-violent civil disobedience to the wide array of guerrilla techniques employed throughout history by liberation movements.



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