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Energy Crisis - Civ style exploration on powering our future...

I'm really keen to make a large, open content, strategy title that explores the core issue of power, it's use and generation and the consequences of these. Games are the idea medium for this because they allow the player to take long and short term decisions and see how they play out. So do you invest in nuclear and risk an accident, in coal and create more CO2? One costs more up front the other less now but has knock-on effects. Do you fund experimental fusion or geothermal or carbon capture? Make your choice and see how it plays out. The game has hooks into environmental science, geography, physics, politics and many more. What is key is that the stats and gameplay logic that drives it are easily accessible to players and include notes on how it works, so as players engage with it, we also encourage them to research the topics and share and improve on the stats that drive it. So as science advances, so does the game. This is a sandbox to explore key issues and contribute to their outcomes. It should inform the player as the players inform each other...



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