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Choices and Consequences

My concept is aimed at kids ages 10-17. The game is a series of situations that kids could really encounter, such as a friend urging another to try pot or finding $50 in a mall parking lot or a boy asking a girl to have sex, etc. the player choses how the situation plays out until it reaches an end and then there is a cut scene that shows the consequences of the decisions the player has made. The cut scene doesn't show variations or what would happen had other choices been made, but the player is encouraged to play through the situation again, to see how else it could end. Too often kids in this age range don't understand consequences because we only tell them what could happen. Through a game, they would get a greater understanding because of the agency as they play. They will learn tips for dealing with difficult situations but they can do this while in the comfort of their home and not in a classroom full of other kids, who can be a distraction when adults are trying to teach the consequences of unprotected sex or underage drinking or cheating on tests. This game can be fun and enjoyable while educating an age group that can be tough to reach.


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