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A Simulation Games that teaches kids about US Economics

Make My USA Game


This game is reality-based social game where the players are in control of the United States' future. Each player has his own version of the United States to play with, and the player guides his country by making policy decisions.


Players select quests. Quest are centered around topic areas and current events. Quests are related to the area of focus that they select (like education, energy or health). Also, quests come from current News Events such as Hurricane relief need in Florida or Healthcase vote. Player decisions in quests effect the stats on their version of the US.


Game Characters guide and tutor players. They may provide useful data like costs and benefits of actions in terms of number of new jobs, new revenues, energy costs decreases, value of a more secure country.


Example Quests:

-- Pass Bills for Energy for Tax breaks for companies furthering Green Energy subsidies or cut subsidies to save $12B in grants from the Treasury and Energy


Pass Bills for Education Reform

- Fund online Learning in higher Ed to lower student loans or aprove special funding for virtual charter schools and flipped” classroom


Players can compete with friends for the best aspects of their USA. Groups can pool their individual USA stats to make a Group Country to compare with other groups.



The Player takes quest designed to teach policy

Completed Quests each Achievements that validate knowledge of the topic

By helping other players and playing in teams, players can compete in groups and make a stronger country


Educational Value

The game’s implicit goal is to teach players to understand policy ramifications by making their countries prosper

Fun to play and has the byproduct of learning

Players become informed and confident in speaking about key issues

Game Genre: Adventure SIM on mobile with real-world quest (ARG) elements

Game Platform: Mobile Devices, Browsers and Real-world challenges to gain benefits in the virtual world


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