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Gamified Labor

I call upon the Department of Labor to study and promote the integration of games and the workplace, a concept commonly referred to in a broader context as 'gamification'.


As a member of a union which is paid a salary based on engineered time studies of our work, I know what it's like to maximize efficiency, then go home when I've completed my work for the day.


There aren't many who enjoy work that rewards inefficiency, though many jobs are so organized. If I were being paid by the word written or hours writing, these few paragraphs would stretch on and on and you would likely have stopped reading by now.


Making a workplace more fun through gamification is likely to have many positive side effects as we can all well imagine. If I have control over the pace at which I work and either go home early or accrue vacation time for exceeding my evaluation, I'm playing a game, rather than making it through one more day.


To read an example of how this might work in practice, visit:



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