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Welcome to the OSTP Games for Impact site

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) is interested in gathering broad input and perspectives about the possible uses of “games for impact” to address societal challenges. Games for impact (sometimes called “serious games”) are games which are designed to be entertaining, engaging, and also something more: educational, enlightening, and perhaps even designed to motivate action. For more information, see this OSTP blog post.

We're seeking to gather the best ideas from the game development and education communities, as well as the public, to identify challenges, opportunities, and great examples of games for impact. We look forward to reviewing your thoughtful comments and ideas. Please submit your thoughts, select from the campaigns at left, or browse all submitted concepts below.

Thank you all for your ideas, comments, and votes! We are excited by the level of interest and currently going through all of your thoughts and considering how we can engage the community to move forward. We'll be locking the site down in the near future, as we've noticed some peculiar voting manipulation, especially these past few weeks. Thank you so much for your participation!

DISCLAIMER: OSTP reserves the right to remove comments that are not relevant or that contain inappropriate language, confidential or proprietary information, or sensitive personally identifiable information. OSTP will not consider comments unrelated to the topic or questions posted.

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